For all whose DJ’s using vinyl and your sick of the needle bouncing around all over the shop, check out this info and video.

1. Adjustment of Tonearm Horizontal Balance

  1. Push the Cue Lever down
  2. Turn Anti-Skate to “0”
  3. Release the Tonearm Lock
  4. Adjust the rear Balance Weight until the Tonearm floats in the air, and is approximately horizontal to the   Turntable Chassis Body.
  5. go to #2 Adjustment of Stylus Pressure

   2. Adjustment of Stylus Pressure

  1. Return the Tonearm to the Arm Rest and secure it with the Arm Lock
  2. Hold the back portion of the Balance Weight and turn only the Number Scale untill it reads “0”
  3. Adjust the Stylus Pressure by turning the entire Balance Weight Assembly Counterclockwise to increase the Pressure
  4. Adjust this until the number scale reads the same as the recommended stylus pressure for your cartridge

Here are our recommended pressures settings for several popular cartridges:

  • Remember that the lower settings will cause less mechanical wear on your vinyl, not to mention your stylus diamond.
  •  If you desire more Stylus Pressure you can take off the Tonearm Weight and flip it around and re-install it “backwards” to give a 2 g increase in pressure in the full counterclockwise position.

  Ortofon Concorde                             2.5 – 4.0 g
Stanton 500 / 505AL / DJ Craze      3.0 – 5.0  g
Stanton 680 HP & EL                       2.5 – 4.5  g
Stanton Trackmaster                        3.0 – 4.5  g
Shure M44 – 7 & G                            1.5 – 3.5  g
Shure M35 X & S                              2.0 – 4.0  g

   3. Adjustment of  Anti – Skating

While in normal forward rotation, the record spins Clockwise. The Spinning of the record naturally places  extreme Centripetal force on the Stylus, causing the Tonearm to want to fly to the Inside of the record. This  can also be the cause of record Skipping. An even larger and most often misunderstood phenomonon is an  imbalance between the two Stereo channels, because when a record is pressed, Stereo information is placed  along either side of the groove. When one side of the Groove is “Read” more haevily this causes a signal  imbalance which must be corrected with master or channel balance controls

Several reasons you need Anti-Skating to be set correctly

1.    Potential for uneven Stylus Wear
2.    Cheaply Manufactured Records
3.    Incorrect Sytlus Pressure –
4.    Vinyl Warps
5.    To ensure Stereo playback with even channel distribution

The Anti – Skate mechanism allows the user to preset a specific amount of opposite force (measured in grams)  which may be placed  upon the Tonearm Assembly. to defeat the tendency of the Tonearm to want to “Fly:  toward the center of a  Record during playback.

Unfortunately, there is no “Magic” setting for this feature, because the spring which is enabled by the  Anti-Skate knob is not of a uniform tension due to age and amount of use.

Therfore, every Turntable is different

If you want this to be set correctly, you need to bring us your decks as this is done as part of our  “Maintainence Service”.Please go to the “REHAB” section and check it out.
We have a special record disk designed to measure and adjust Anti – Skate, plus the experience to do it right.

  4. Tonearm Height Adjustment

  1. Release the Height Adjustment Lock Tab
  2. Rest the Stylus on a Test Record and adjust theTonearm height Ring Adjuster until the Tomearm is         parallel with the record surface. 
  3. Lock the Arm Tab after all adjustments have been made
  4. If you know the height of your cartridge, then refer to the following information:

Cartridge height in Millimeters:                         Height Control Position:

17                                                                      0
18                                                                      1
19                                                                      2
20                                                                      3
21                                                                      4
22                                                                      5
23                                                                      6



  •       If you desire somewhat better tracking ability then set the height up one (+ 1) from the recommended setting as this gives the stylus more leverage against the record surface
  • If you are setting up your turntables for scratch play, then set the height adjustment at the highest setting
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