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In contrast to what many of his hard-edged West Coast peers were cooking up around the same time, Quik Is The Name is fun, positive and carefree while retaining DJ Quik’s gangster credentials fully intact. He originally intended for the album to be just another mixtape he would sell out of his trunk when he was poached by Profile Records and signed to a six-figure deal (a first for a solo artist on the label at that time) and subsequently re-polished the songs for release as his commercial debut full-length.

Arriving a year before The ChronicQuik Is The Name ruled the streets when the prevailing sound of L.A. still consisted of uptempo, west coast party rocking, malt liquour sippin’ bubblers like the ones found here. The album is chock full of soul, with Quik feeding his SP-1200 with Funkadelic, Cameo, B.T. Express and Blowflyloops. Standouts include “Tonite” (which lifts the bassline and refrain from top-5 all time boogie record “Tonite” by Kleeer), rocksteady slow-burner “The Bombudd” and late-nite instrumental creeper “Quik’s Groove”. Out of print for 26 years, with originals setting you back more than $100, this vinyl repress is long overdue.

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