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Kenny Dixon Jr’s ‘Forevernevermore’ was his third album and is perhaps his definitive opus – a pure, deep, late night Detroit classic that has birthed countless immitations since its release in 2000.

Holding up beautifully almost 20 years later, from his take on Chic’s ‘Don’t you want my love‘ to ‘The thief that stole my sad days‘ –  there are just too many certified classics here to mention. Quite apart from anything else, Forevernevermore manages to sound experimental, sophisticated, fucked and joyous all at once – making reference to classic Piano House one moment, and deepest Techno the next, his vocal narrative offsetting pure euphoria with a sharp dose of Motor City realism.

In terms of classic House music, few have come close to anything you’ll find on this album – a perfect distillation of light and shade from one of Detroit’s greatest ever.

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